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As you all know from my last post, I was practically drowning in the murky waters of marketing. Things are looking better now. Why, you ask? I did what any normal, dedicated, intelligent person would do…I buried all the books on marketing that are currently on loan from the library, closed all the marketing-related tabs on my browser, shut down my computer, and took a day off. I love Sundays! On top of that, I was particularly encouraged by some things the Lord laid on my heart as I read my Bible and spent time resting.

Now that I’m feeling more refreshed and have a better sense of direction, I thought I would direct your attention to this Creating a Marketing Roadmap that I came across. This was helpful and encouraging, particularly because I’ve already done most of what is recommended (be prepared for a surprising number of typos, though!). However, it provides a good structure for keeping all these various marketing ideas and initiatives organized. And for an author or self-publisher just launching into the marketing aspect of things, this step-by-step list might help preserve some sanity. :-0

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