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Would you believe that one of my goals for this year was to post something on this blog once a week? Yikes! That should give you an idea of how well I’m doing meeting my goals this year… Well, to make up for it, I’ve been working on a new product that I think will be incredibly helpful to others who want to publish their books. I’ve spent hours and hours researching and navigating through the ins and outs of publishing, but there were so many times along the way that I just wished I had someone to hold my hand and take me through the process step by step. That’s what inspired me to put together this CD that I hope will do just that for others who are embarking on this journey! Here are the details:

Journey to Self PublishingJourney to Self Publishing – 12 steps to successfully publish your book
by Natalie Wickham
ISBN: 978-0-9821828-1-9
Media: 80 Minute CD

Many people have dreams of writing a book, but consider it an overwhelming or even impossible task. The publishing world is more accessible than ever to aspiring authors, but long-held hopes are quickly buried during the process of trying to dig through the plethora of options available. In this candid interview, author and publisher Natalie Wickham discusses the three types of publishing, gives an overview of the four critical components of a book, and lays out 12 steps that will help you navigate the path toward successfully publishing your book.

And, to add to the sweetness of this announcement, I’m offering a special deal just for readers of this blog. You can get $5 off of your order for a limited time by checking out at SibroPublishing.com with coupon code: BlogSpecial

Also, you can download and print this free handout to use as you listen to the CD.

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