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It took a while to go through the whole process, but I just mailed off my application to Lightning Source. Although I’m planning to use an offset printer for the final print run of Pajama School, I wanted to find a fast, high-quality option for a short-run print job. I’m planning to order about 50 books that I can send out for endorsements and reviews to include in the final book design. Numerous people recommended Lightning Source as a good POD (Print-On-Demand) option, so after doing some research I began the application process.

After setting up an account on the Lightning Source website I received an e-mail from a sales representative thanking me for my interest and asking me several additional questions. Once I answered those, the sales representative e-mailed me a comprehensive File Creation Guide and gave me instructions on how to proceed. I completed the remainder of the on-line application process and then received another e-mail with the final step of the application process. This involved printing out the attached application forms, signing them where indicated, and mailing them back to Lightning Source.

I’ve just finished thoroughly reading the Operating Manual and the File Creation Guide. Whew, there’s a lot involved in printing a book! I’m just so grateful for the two amazing designers who are working on this part of Pajama School for me!

Interview with a Self-Publisher

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One of the things that I have found most helpful in this whole process of writing and self-publishing is hearing from others who have traveled the path already. It’s so helpful to know what worked, what didn’t work, what they would do differently, etc. This wonderful interview with Sandra Tayler is no exception.

I also found this collection of posts on the shipping process instructive. This is one area that is way outside of my expertise or past experience! I’ve briefly tried to figure out how to anticipate sales and prepare for orders and shipping, but I’m pretty much shooting in the dark (of course, that’s how I feel about almost every aspect of this self-publishing process!).  I still have numerous questions, but I am so grateful for others who have taken the time to record and share their experiences to lessen the learning curve for some of the rest of us!

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