Should Be a Quick Link on Every Writer’s Browser

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By far, the website I visit the most every day is The link to it is positioned right in the center of my Bookmarks Toolbar so that I’m only a quick click away from looking up any word. Right under the box where you type in your desired word is a tab that will take you to Numerous times when I’m writing I’ll need to look up the definition of a word to see if it has the nuance I intend. Or you know that feeling when the word is right at the tip of your brain, but you can’t formulate it? Often I can think of a similar word and I type it into the thesaurus to see if it will return the word I’m actually looking for.

Of course, these same strategies can be employed using the printed books sitting on the shelves above my desk, but having them just a click away sure does save a lot of time!

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